Anorexic Celebrities: Artists Photoshop Celebrity Bodies To Spread Awareness About Anorexia

The worth1000 sites (closed in January) make photoshop contests and always with issues related to celebrities. I selected some images of a contest, where the theme was celebrity weight loss. “Let us help prevent anorexia from spreading among celebrities and politicians, by showing them what they would look like if they were anorexic“- wrote Freaking News … Continued

SmartPhones for African Children

I have crossed the mystic desert To snap pictures of the poor I’ve invited them to brunch Let them crash out on my floor. in meThere’s sunshine in my veins My kitchen’s filled with flies I’m crying out in vain Like a little African child. Trapped in me There’s an African child Trapped in me … Continued

Ex-Prisoner Gives Sick Kids Free Tattoos

New Zealand artist Benjamin Lloyd recently announced on Facebook that he would give all the kids at Auckland’s Starship Children’s Hospital temporary tattoos if he received 50 likes. But he didn’t get 50 likes. He got over 400,000 of them! And the number just keep on rising. True to his word, Lloyd has agreed to … Continued

How To Transform Young Lady Into The Old Punk

The next time you’re talking to an old punk, look twice! Because you might as well be talking to a beautiful young girl hidden underneath his skin. Recently, makeup artist Neill Gorton has shared his step-by-step transformation process showing how he can turn a young girl into an old punk. It all happened during the International … Continued

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