This Badass Hawk Just Sparked The Most Intense Photoshop Battle Ever

It was an epic story from start to finish. Animal enthusiast Clint Ralph, 53, was visiting Giant’s Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, with his son. They were there to photograph the Bearded Vulture but spotted a jackal hawk and turned their lenses towards it. This fierce looking predator was marching around like a … Continued

Unspoken Co-Worker Rules

Man, jobs are the pits. It’s the ultimate exercise in walking on egg shells while simultaneously trying to impress everyone – where one wrong move can just completely dick you over until your employment has come to an unceremonious end. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Just follow our handy guide! resource

The Worst Neon Sign Fails Ever

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World’s first baby born from new procedure using DNA of three people

Experts welcome news of successful mitochondrial transfer but caution against operating in countries beyond regulations. The world’s first baby to be born from a new procedure that combines the DNA of three people appears to be healthy, according to doctors in the US who oversaw the treatment. The baby was born on 6 April after his … Continued


How to chill wine quickly. It’s a perennial question posed by everyone from dinner party hosts to those in need of an emergency splash of white, but getting your bottle from wine-merchant lukewarm to crisply cool doesn’t need to test your patience. This is a pro trick to have in your locker: take a wet … Continued

Fresh banana