This 24-Year-Old Lives As A Merman And He’s Totally Amazing

“If you feel it in your heart, put that tail on and be a mer.” When most of us think of mermaids, we probably think of Ariel in The Little Mermaid or Daryl Hannah inSplash. But Eric Montel of Atlanta is out to change all that. The 24-year-old is a straight-up MERMAN DREAM. “I’ve always … Continued

16 Dog Costumes That Are So Great Even Though They’re Kind Of Stupid

PUMPKIN SPICE PUPPY. 1. Iced Coffee Pet Costume, $18.99: Chrissy: LIKE Kristin: WHO’S AN ADORABLE SEASONAL SUGAR BOMB?! YOU AREE! IT’S YOUUUUU! I’m gonna misspell my name right on your butt. 2. Octopus Dog Halloween Costume, $69.99: Kristin: This dog already knows I’m gonna call him OCTO-PUPPY all night, so he pre-emptively pooped in my … Continued

I Turned A 3 Year Old Into An Old Hag!

Hi! My name is Lynn Hetherington Becker and I’m an artist in Columbus, OH. I love body art. One of my favorite things to do is transform young children into amazing creations. In this session, I turned one of my favorite little girls in the whole world into an old hag. She absolutely loved it. … Continued

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