They Were Not Sure How Their Adopted Cat Would React To Their Baby

Cats want a lot of affection, but babies need it even more. That’s why a cat might get jealous when there’s a new child in the house. However, Lemsie adores his new buddy and comes running every time he makes a sound. This adorable video shows the beginning of their precious friendship. resource

This Yankee Fan’s Marriage Proposal Went Painfully Wrong

Instead of focusing on the game, baseball fans at New York’s Yankee stadium found themselves rooting for a guy in the crowd on Tuesday night. 29-year-old Andrew Fox had carefully planned the moment he was going to propose to his girlfriend Heather during the Yankees vs Boston Red Sox game,ESPN reports. As part of his surprise, … Continued

Orphan Kangaroo Thinks This Cop Is His Mom

This poor little kangaroo was found in his dead mother’s pouch after she was hit by a truck. It was then taken to Cue Police Station and named Cuejo. But this kangaroo’s problems didn’t end there: while recovering, the orphan was attacked by a vicious Wedge-tailed Eagle. However, constable Mason rushed after the predator which … Continued

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