This Ballerina’s Amputation Didn’t Throw Her Off Balance

Before her groundbreaking surgery, she worried she would never dance again. Ready to feel inspired, moved, and amazed all at once? Just wait until you see this girl dance. Gabi Shull, 15, of Missouri had part of her leg amputated after enduring osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer that affected her knee, according to Pop … Continued

Life in the womb 9 months in some 5 minutes

Whether you’ve already given birth or are just considering the idea of expanding your family, you know there’s no miracle as extraordinary as giving birth. But even so, there are likely parts of the process that are well, mysterious to you. Case in point: Ultrasounds give you a grainy glimpse inside the womb, but have you ever wondered what your unborn child … Continued

Leonardo Di Caprio’s Hollywood Evolution

Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the spotlight for over twenty years! See how the star has evolved over the years from his adorable days in ‘Titanic’ to his rugged role in ‘The Revenant’.

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