12 Things Not To Do In Dubai

Dubai is a fun and frivolous playground on the Persian Gulf, but don’t consider it the Vegas of the Middle East. Many a foreigner has been thrown in jail for unwittingly committing an offense. So here are 12 things not to do when in Dubai.

Revolutionary wheelchair that lets users stand up

Being stuck to a wheelchair is devastating for a lot of reasons, so this mobility device is here to elimante some of them. UPnRIDE Robotics‘ innovative solution shifts between standing and sitting modes in just a couple of seconds which makes it great for people with impaired movement who are suffering from health problems, caused … Continued

10 Simpsons Jokes That Came True

Springfield’s favorite family, The Simpsons have been entertaining us for decades, but do the jokes translate in real life? From the real life Octomum, to Trump’s presidential bid, AllTime10s brings you 10 Simpsons Jokes That Came True.

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