23 Most Expensive Plastic Surgeries

#23 Blake Lively, $7,300 Blake Lively, known for her character Serena van der Woodsen, from the popular TV series Gossip Girl, always looked beautiful, but yet opted for rhinoplasty and also laser skin treatments to get rid of her blemishes and freckles. Later she spent about $3, 000 or more for a blepharoplasty surgery to … Continued

10 Actors Who Can Transform Themselves Into Literally Anyone

Many actors dread being typecast. But unless they have the talent to take on diverse roles, this can prove a struggle — good makeup just isn’t enough to stop us seeing the same personality shining through. Take a look at some of the true masters of reinvention. Gary Oldman Dracula, True Romance, The Fifth Element, Interstate 60, Harry Potter Helena Bonham Carter Fight Club, Planet of the … Continued

This is what 12 famous models looked like when they were kids

Looking back at celebrity childhood photos actually brings some nostalgia for the past. Today, we offer you a chance to look at the baby pictures of the world’s 12 hottest and most adorable female models. A few of these shots are guaranteed to take you by surprise. Cindy Crawford Kate Moss Naomi Campbell Irina Shayk Natalia Vodianova Miranda Kerr Claudia Schiffer Tyra Banks Cara Delevingne Gigi … Continued

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