Every musician started somewhere. No matter how famous they ended up becoming, each one was once a kid with awkward school photos and growth spurts. So let’s go back in time and see what they looked like before they became famous icons. This series of before and after photos features the likes of Jimi Hendrix, … Continued

20 Photos To Remind You That Photoshop Is One Big Lie

Walk past any news-stand or look up to any modern day billboard and you’ll be greet with countless unrealistic images and Photoshopped individuals. They’re specifically edited to make you feel inadequate and generate desire to fix that inadequacy. Their sole aim is to convince and co hearse you into buying their latest product. Those pearly … Continued

15+ Rare Celebrity Pics That Reveal A Side You’ve Never Seen Before

If you’re someone who’s interesting in the lives of celebrities, I’m sure you’ve noticed that those same pics just keep on popping up on the Internet. Basically, photos of famous people are just recycled on the Internet. If you want to see something new, check out this list of rare celebrity pics. From Leonardo DiCaprio … Continued

Celebs eating food to make you feel better about yourself (10+ Photos)

Jonah Hill starting things off Ben Affleck Vern Troyer Will Ferrell Gisele Bundchen Natalie Portman Samuel L. Jackson Brad Pitt That attractive Columbian actress Jackie and Kelso Mark Wahlberg Scarlett Johanson Vince Vaughn Lana Del Rey Tony Stark The guy from the O.C. Antonio Banderas Denzel Washington The Terminator Ryan Gosling Katherine Heigl Rihanna Rachel … Continued

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