20 Celebrities Before They Became Famous

When they’d only just started off on their individual roads to fame, no one could have guessed what would become of them, or that they would one day be the idols of millions of people. We picked 20 intriguing photos of famous people taken long before they became known around the world. Kurt Cobain Robin Williams Vin Diesel   Nicole Kidman Brad Pitt Bob Marley Leonardo DiCaprio … Continued

12 Stars Who Look So Much Better With Short Hair

For centuries, long hair has been considered an indispensable element of female beauty. But much has changed in modern times. Now, even the most successful and beautiful women aren’t afraid to experiment with their style. We prepared a selection of famous stars who at one time dared to go for a short hairstyle and definitely made the right decision. Carey Mulligan Shailene Woodley Pink Michelle Williams … Continued

19 Celebrities Who Age Gracefully

#19 Angela Bassett Net worth: $28 Million Age: 57 With the few wrinkles and flawless skin, you might imagine Angela stopped aging at 40 years of age. There are no rumors or argument about whether she has had any work done which goes on to show just how naturally and gracefully she is aging. She … Continued

13 Hollywood Celebrities Who Amazed Us With Their Natural Beauty

Although famous actresses, models, and singers are constantly kept in the public eye, sometimes they allow themselves to forget about their status as celebrities and share delightful “no makeup” photos with their fans. We adore the natural beauty of these wonderful ladies and offer you a chance to look at some of the best photos of famous women that bring out all their charm and uniqueness. … Continued

Some of the most charitable celebs of 2016

Taylor Swift All of the proceeds from her song “Welcome To New York” went towards funding New York public schools. She has also donated a large amount of money to organizations such as “UNICEF” and “The American Red Cross.” Mel Gibson Mel has donated upwards of $10 million dollars to reimburse children’s hospitals. He is … Continued

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