10 Children Who Are the Spitting Images of Their Famous Parents

’They’re the same person!’ — that’s what we want to say when we see some celebrities and their children. They’re often just as charming, talented and beautiful as their famous moms and dads. Many children even followed in their parents’ footsteps and got themselves into music and cinema, or became models. Mary Gummer and Meryl Streep Colin Hanks and Tom Hanks Angelina … Continued

You’ll Struggle To Recognize These 12 Actors With Their Make-Up On

The use of CGI in films continues to make the impossible appear routine, the fantastical commonplace and the extraordinary merely ordinary – but there’s still a place for the equally transformative world of make-up and prosthetics. For all the incredible advances in special effects, mimicking the human face and its myriad of expression still remains … Continued

13 Famous People Whose Real Age Will Definitely Surprise You

From time to time we all get a little curious about what’s going on in the lives of certain famous people, especially when it comes to the ‘how old are they now’ topic. The following group of famous people certainly surprised us when we found out their real age. Some of them are clearly just blessed with good genes, while others apparently turn to plastic surgery for their … Continued

Mr. Bean’s Daughter: Expectation vs. Reality

Who out there hasn’t heard of Mr. Bean? The eternally charming Rowan Atkinson long ago won our adoration with his peculiar facial expressions and ridiculous antics. But our focus isn’t on the man himself today but instead on his 20-year-old daughter Lily. According to the old saying, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Well, let’s see if that … Continued

Lady Gaga has a mental illness and struggle with that every day

Lady Gaga on developing PTSD after being raped. Lady Gaga has recently revealed that she suffers from PTSD and has been for the past eleven years. She came forward about how she was raped by a music producer, 20 years older than her, back when she was a teenager but the 30-year-old has only now publicly admitted … Continued

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