12 New Hollywood Icons That Are Going to Beat the Old Ones

We decided to make our own list of awesome actors who perform in great movies and break thousands of girls’ hearts, and we would like to know if you agree with us. Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp — beware! Liam Hemsworth, 26 Acting in Independence Day: Resurgence This Prince Charming is the younger brother of Chris Hemsworth. However, he became famous without the help of his star sibling thanks to his role … Continued

Mark Zuckerberg Has Revealed What His Home Looks Like, and It Sure Is Impressive

Mark Zuckerberg, programmer and founder of Facebook, is one of the richest people on the planet. Judging by the examples provided by other rich people, his home must surely be absolutely amazing, right? It is, but not in the way you were expecting! Recently, Zuckerberg uploaded a video online in which he presented his latest invention: a smart home called Jarvis. Describing how it uses artificial intelligence, Mark took … Continued

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