Can You Solve the Crime by Noticing a Single Detail?

A small workout for the mind is a good idea even amongst all the New Year’s fuss when every thought is about the celebration. We invites you to picture yourself as a police inspector by solving a detective mystery. Inspector Varnike was on duty during the Christmas holidays, and on the morning of December 25th he went on a call. He rang the doorbell, and a minute later a sleepy apartment owner opened it. The inspector … Continued

Scientists Reveal the Best Age for Motherhood

Raising a child is a precious and wonderful journey that can bring happiness and joy as well as challenges and worries, regardless of your age. So is there such a thing as the “right time” to become a mom? New research has found that getting pregnant after the age of 35 has great benefits. The average age of women becoming mothers for the first time keeps going up. And this is not … Continued

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