The 20 Most Stunning Works of Street Art We’ve Seen Lately

’For the city, and for the world’ – you might characterise a lot of street art as being underpinned by this idea. Often, the work of street artists is unambiguous, drawing attention to the social problems which afflict our society the world over. Sometimes they bring out the beauty of the urban landscape, recasting it into something wonderful. The wonder of street art is to be found in the … Continued

How to Escape From a Sinking Car

To be able to survive in an extreme situation, you’d better make sure you know what to do in advance. After all, when crunch time comes, you might only have seconds to act! To help increase safety awareness, a team of professional rescuers has come up with visually accessible and detailed instructions on how to behave if you find yourself in a rapidly sinking car. These are the most important recommendations that might … Continued

Why Do We Lose Friends As We Get Older?

When we’re young, our friends are our whole world. But when we get older, unfortunately, they often get put on the back burner. Yet we still need friendship in adulthood as much as we do when we’re children. Amid the bustle and mind-numbing routine of everyday life, we deeply value the time we spend talking to them, discussing both trivial and serious issues. And when we meet face-to-face, … Continued

The 25 Most Dangerous Animals In The World

Sometimes distinguishing between furry cuteness and pure destruction is not an easy task. In fact, many of the animals kingdom’s cutest critters also happen to be its most prolific killers. You think that cute little puffer fish is adorable? Will you hold your breath as you reach to pet it? The answer is yes. Forever. … Continued

If Your Pet Behaves Like This Take It to the Vet Immediately

We’re prepared to go to great lengths to make our pet’s life as happy and long as possible. But sometimes we end up in situations where we simply can’t understand what is happening with our four-legged darlings. Today, we publishes a full list of signals that pets give their owners when asking for help. 1. Tendency to hide If a dog or a cat suddenly begins to avoid contact, starts hiding around the house, or exhibits … Continued

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