Glow-In-The-Dark-Jewelry That Will Make You Feel Magical

Canadian jewelry designer and photographer Manon Richard creates luminous glow in the dark jewelry and accessories. Sold on Etsy, each unique piece is hand made and makes you feel truly magical. The secret to her magical touch? Richard applies luminous phosphorescent paint to each piece, which instantly creates a turquoise glow in the dark power … Continued

Mark Zuckerberg’s Twitter And Pinterest Accounts Were Hacked

Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerberg had his Twitter and Pinterest accounts breached Sunday by hackers who claimed to be testing his online security. Venture Beat reported the hackers OurMine Team briefly took control of Zuckerberg’s accounts, before they were suspended. A tweet sent out from Zuckerberg’s account was later deleted and the account restored. The hackers wrote … Continued

15 Must-Eat Foods From Smorgasburg That’ll Make You Hungry AF

Smorgasburg, Brooklyn’s foodie flea market with more than 100 delicious vendors, just reopened for the spring/summer season. Here’s what you can’t miss: 1. The best mozzarella sticks you will literally ever eat: 2. A homemade Nutella “Ring-Ding”: 3. A burrito stuffed with FRENCH FRIES. 4. Fresh-from-the-ocean poke: 5. An egg waffle ice cream cone: 6. … Continued

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