We Made An Emoji Pool Set, Because Why Not?

Last week, we got a new pool table at work! So of course, my friend, who is an artist under the name Winigreeni, had to make a set of lovingly hand-painted pool balls starring her favourite emojis. And tha’s how it was made

The Last Words Spoken By Famous People (15+ Pics)

Knowing the last words that someone spoke can sometimes throw light on their character or on the circumstances in which they died. You can’t help but feel that some of the last words of the famous people on this list encapsulate their personas. This list was compiled by Imgur user howsthepeeping. Do you know of … Continued

Incredibly Realistic Paintings By Mike Dargas

Mike Dargas is an incredible hyper-realist German artist using a fascinating technique. “I have never studied at an art school, I just started painting at the age of 3. My mother told me, she noticed my artistic talent very early, when I drew my first sketches. After kindergarten I started using oil colors. I guess I … Continued

Unique Beauty Of Freckled People Documented By Brock Elbank

Lond-based photographer Brock Elbank is on a journey to photograph 150 freckled people for his next exhibition in 2017. He wants to celebrate beauty and, since mid-2015, he has succeeded with 90 striking portraits. “I’ve always loved freckles,” said Elbank. “What I find interesting about individual characters that I have been fortunate enough to photograph … Continued

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