If Cartoon Characters Looked Their Age

Andrew Tarusov, a Russian artist, created a series of illustrations portraying our favourite cartoon characters as pensioners. The artist imagined each of them having had a long and complicated life. Micky is the animation tycoon, Goofy didn’t get insurance and became homeless, Daisy left Donald because of his gambling, Tom & Jerry have health problems … Continued

Can You Solve These Riddles Without Looking At The Answers?

“Riddle me this, riddle me that, what eats bamboo and looks like a cat?” A bamboo-eating cat of course! If you didn’t get that one then you’re seriously going to struggle to solve the rest of these mind-boggling riddles. They come from the website Propensity For Curiosity, and they’re tough enough to test the resolve … Continued

15+ Famous Logos Then And Now

Everything changes with time, and businesses are no exception. In order to stay attuned to the ever changing needs and interests of consumers, companies must constantly evolve so they can stay ahead of the competition. We’re not just talking about changing their policies and products. Even their logos need to evolve in order to reflect … Continued

3D-Inspired Tattoos Are The Latest Ink Trend

Like tattoos? Looking for inspiration? Then take a look at these trippy designs to see why these 3D-inspired tattoos are making the internet all giddy with excitement. The man behind the mind-bending trend is Winston the Whale (a.k.a Dave), a Portland-based tattoo artist who’s taking body art to a whole new dimension. He came upon … Continued

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