The More You Connect, The Less You Connect

Shiyang he, a designer in advertising agency Ogilvy’s Beijing office, has created a series of ads for the Shenyang Center For Psychological Research, which highlight the detrimental effects smartphones can have on human relationships. The three ads show typical home-life situations, with an oversized smartphone in the middle blocking any conversation between the two people … Continued

French Trains Are Being Turned Into Moving Art Museums

Instead of encouraging people to visit their world-famous landmarks, France’s national state-owned rail service SNCF has come up with a fantastic idea. They’ve decided to bring these landmarks to you, and you can enjoy them at your leisure during your morning commute to work. Working in collaboration with American manufacturing company 3M and ADKEYS, the … Continued

When Accidental Art Is Better Than Your Actual Art

Some people study art and go through years of practice until they create a masterpiece. Or at least something close to that. And others make breath-taking contemporary art without even intending to. Bananas has compiled a list of accidental art to show that sometimes the most beautiful art is just pure luck. Have you created an accidental … Continued

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