How To Build A Hobbit House In Your Backyard

30-year-old Ashley Yeates is not a hobbit. The Bedford, England, is a design and construction expert that’s much too big to be a hobbit, although rumor has it his feet might be just as hairy–but despite these shortcomings, he decided to build a “hobbit hole” in his garden, a project that took almost a year … Continued

Lines Dividing Rich And Poor Captured With Drones

For his new project “Unequal Scenes” Cape Town-based photographer Johnny Miller used a drone to show the inequality that exists in the Republic of South Africa. “Discrepancies in how people live are sometimes hard to see from the ground. The beauty of being able to fly is to see things from a new perspective – to … Continued

Pac-Man Suit Takes A Bite Out Of Corporate Fashion

This Pac-Man Suit is a unique reply to stuffy office fashion, and is perfect for those solo nights at the bar. But if Pac-Man mazes make you or your date dizzy, then what about a Jack-O-Lantern suit for Halloween? Or a Stars and Stripes outfit for July 4th? Made by OppoSuits, these stylishly cut, polyester … Continued

This Cat’s Eyes Have A Whole Universe Inside

This cat will put a spell on you for sure. The kitty’s multi-colored eyes look as if there was a universe hiding in them (and since pretty much everything revolves around cats these days, it wouldn’t be a surprise). On a more scientific note, sectoral heterochromia is responsible for this magic. It’s a condition when the iris … Continued

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