How To Make People Smile, During Taking a Photoes

I’ve been flooded with offers to pick up my camera & paper cut-outs and head off to some incredible destinations. Over the last six months I’ve been to Singapore, Nanjing, Hong Kong, Val D’Isere, New York and Las Vegas with various tourist boards and brands. It’s been an incredible string of adventures around the world, … Continued

15+ Perfectionists At Work

Too much perfectionism at work will slowly kill you, but just the right amount of it is…perfect. Especially when it results in a meticulously stacked pile of carrots in a supermarket. You might be wondering if you’re in an art gallery! Bananass collected a bunch of satisfying examples of perfectionism at work. These people definitely deserve … Continued

We Give Books New Lives

Meet newborns Ernest Hemingway, Mark Twain and William Shakespeare. They are the heroes of our ads for bookstore called Mint Vinetu which invites people to bring in their forgotten, dusty old classics, thus giving a second life to the big authors.

Really Huge Machines (Ladies Shocked)

Let’s check out some of the largest engines in the world. We can writhe here a lot of technical terms, but  there isn’t any need in it. You are here to rest and we are also want to have dinner, so just watch and enjoy 🙂 And we will finish with the Rocket, my friend, … Continued

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