Pilot Flies Above The Thunderstorm To Get A Perfect Shot

When you’re a pilot so often up in the air, stuff happening in the sky is no longer a surprise for you. Just when Ecuador Airlines pilot and photographer Santiago Borja thought he’d seen it all however, he ended up witnessing – and photographing – one of the most amazing thunderstorms ever. He captured this … Continued

15 Creative Teabag Designs For Tea Lovers

Tea is the most popular drink in the world after water. According to the U.N Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), six billion cups are drank every day around the globe. And for good reason too. Not only does it taste great but it’s also full of antioxidants and other awesome stuff to improve your health. … Continued

Miniature Worlds Inside Wooden Rings

No matter how much jewelry you own, chances are that you don’t own anything quite like this. “What’s so special about these rings?” I hear you cry. Well, the answer is simple. These rings aren’t normal rings. These rings contain secret worlds. These otherworldly rings are the creation of Canadian jewelry maker Secret Wood. They’re … Continued

Artist Turns Her Lips Into Works Of Art

We all know that makeup can do wonders. But there are not so many people who can make true masterpieces with it. Jazmina Daniel is a makeup artist loved by Instagram’s beauty community due to her amazing lip art. Sydney-based lip artist not only shows pics of various lip makeup trends, but also creates beautiful … Continued

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