Monks Buy 600 Lbs Of Lobster, Release Them Into Ocean

Monks from Prince Edward Island saved about 600 lbs of lobster from ending their lives on a dinner table by buying them from various places around the Island and releasing them into the ocean last Saturday. “We respect everyone’s dietary choice, so we’re not doing this to convert everybody to be vegetarians or vegans,” said … Continued

Star Wars Characters Reimagined As Ancient Greek Statues

Travis Durden, an artist in France who goes by a pseudonym, combined his two greatest passions – ancient art and pop culture – by re-imagining some of the most famous ancient and classical Greek sculptures ever made as Star Wars characters! The ‘sculptures’ are actually 3-dimensional models, but they’re done so well that they certainly … Continued

Surreal Art Makes Fun Of Consumerism And Pop Culture (15+ Pics)

Tony Futura, a digital artist based in Berlin, creates surreal art that seems to poke fun at the materialism and pop-culture focus of modern Western life. His light-hearted and funny digital art is often charged with sexual energy. If you like his fun visual puns, be sure to follow him on Instagram!  

People’s Dreams In Surreal Portraits

We wanted to combine our strengths, both in photography and photo editing, to go beyond the flat reality of portraits and rather show a glimpse of the rich inner selves of our subjects. A way to show that behind our masks, we are complex and have dreams. The idea emerged from the very elaborate Renaissance … Continued

I Recreate Star Wars Scenes With Legos

This is an unusual photo series of LEGO Star Wars. It took me one month to complete it. The snow, rain, sand, fog etc. is not a Photoshop effect on the pictures! I have used only natural tools. The authentic and real environment was very important to me, so I built all scenes in the … Continued

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