13 Weirdly Brilliant Life Hacks

Are these hacks weird? Yep. Are they kind of brilliant, too? Heck yeah! I wish I’d known trick #3 back in college. It would have saved me a lot of grief after an incident involving my father’s car, being overtired, and a narrow parking garage. It is now filed away in my memory for the … Continued

8 Photos From The Amazing Side Of Life

       1. Snail versus strawberry. 2. An incredibly detailed carving of a stormtrooper helmet. 3. Hot tea freezing as it hits -40 degree air. 4. This squirrel has good oral hygiene habits. 5.How you know you parked your car in the right neighborhood. 6.A truck spilled carbon dioxide into the streets of Mainz, Germany. 7. A … Continued

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