Here’s How the Look of Facebook Has Changed

Oh Facebook, when did you go so wrong? You started off as an innocent way to check the relationship status and casually indicate your burning affection for someone through likes and pokes. Then you became a “news” juggernaut, hell-bent on informing us of things we don’t care about. Here is the timeline of Facebook’s rise, … Continued

This Is How Much It Actually Costs Apple To Make An iPhone 7

There’s a reason they’re worth $624 billion If you want to know how much it actually costs to make that shiny new Piano Black (what even is Piano Black?) iPhone 7 sitting smugly in your pocket, then we finally have the answer. According to the clever analysts at, it costs $224.80 (about £170), to build a 32gb … Continued

This 8-Year-Old Boy Spent 2 Years Growing His Hair For…

When Thomas Moore saw his mom watching a video on Facebook about a girl who had lost her hair to cancer, he had an idea. The almost 8-eight-year-old decided to start growing his hair out for kids who had lost theirs to chemotherapy, and so that’s what he did. For the next two years. And … Continued

Turkmenistan Opens $2.3 Billion Falcon-Shaped Airport

There’s a new airport in Turkmenistan’s capital, Ashgabat and it looks fierce! The falcon-like structure cost $2.3 billion and can process over 1600 passengers an hour. Unfortunately, only 105,000 tourists visited the country in 2015 or 12 an hour which made a lot of people question the purpose of the project. Turkmenistan gained its independence from … Continued

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