6 Things to Do if You Left Your Phone at Home

Technology, amiright? We’re addicted, society’s gone to sh*t, robots are taking over, blah blah blah. But since it isn’t ready to be implanted directly into our brains, sometimes we can leave our houses without the most important piece of technology — our phones. In those horrifying moments when our little window to the world wide … Continued

This 1907 Cartoon Proves We’ve Always Been Worried About Technology Ruining Our Lives

The year is 2016 and our dependence on digital technology is driving us apart. One widely reported 2014 study found that 75% of women feel technology is ruining their relationship. Since then we’ve had Snapchat filters so the picture likely isn’t any better, even if it does have dog ears on it. What may surprise you is that anxieties about the effect technology has … Continued

Serena Williams vows: ‘I won’t be silent’ on police violence

Serena Williams has voiced her fears about police violence, writing on Facebook: “I won’t be silent.” The US tennis star posted that she found herself feeling wary of law enforcement during a recent journey with her teenage nephew. Williams said that when they drove by a patrol car she remembered a woman whose boyfriend was … Continued


Maserati’s latest marriage of silk and steel is as theatrical as you would imagine, but the Levante also brings some unexpected utility to Italy’s most individual and charismatic marque. Engine 271bhp 3.0-litre V6 turbo diesel Performance 143mph top speed, 0-62mph in 6.9 seconds Price From £54,335 Gildo Zegna, CEO of Ermenegildo Zegna, is talking fabric. … Continued

Here Are 10 Simple Jobs That Pay $100,000 or More

Here, we present the employment site’s list of 11 high paying careers—and some of the results just might surprise you. 1. Special agent Median pay: $125,000 What you need to succeed: A bachelor’s degree in criminal justice; prior experience in law enforcement or the military; an affinity for criminal investigation and keeping unconventional hours. 2. … Continued

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