22 Questions Human Beings Will Never Ever Be Able To Answer

1. Why do Oreos taste better with colored frosting? 2. Why are fries always way more delicious when they’re not yours? 3. And why do the fries at the bottom of the bag taste so much better??!?! 4. Why are Reese’s 100x better when they’re in a shape? 5. Why are mini M&Ms much more … Continued

This 16-year-old woke up from a coma speaking only Spanish — which he never spoke before

Head injuries are a dangerous possibility when playing contact sports—particularly concussions. One sophomore at Parkview High School in Georgia knows this all too well when gets hit in the head, suffering histhird concussion after getting kicked in the head during a soccer game. After the incident, 16-year-old, Reuben Nsemoh, was immediately airlifted to Atalanta Medical. His coach, … Continued

Nearly 20 years after Prince William and Prince Harry tragically lost their mother, Princess Diana, they mourn the death of another close royal family member

Princess Diana’s Stepmother Raine Spencer Has Died at Age 87 Rest in peace, Raine Spencer. Princess Diana‘s stepmother sadly died after suffering from a short illness, her son William Legge, the Earl of Dartmouth confirmed on Friday, Oct. 21. She was 87-years-old. “Raine, Countess Spencer, died peacefully at her home in London,” the Spencer family … Continued

20+ Perfect Pics That Will Satisfy Every Perfectionist’s Soul

Everybody has a different idea of perfection. For some it’s when a shadow perfectly aligns with the pavement, while others find perfection in finding round pebbles (or cats…), or the way that their Tic Tacs perfectly line up inside the box. Whatever your idea of perfection is, you’re sure to find it in this visually … Continued

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