10 Totally Unexpected Finds People Discovered in Their Backyards

There probably isn’t anyone who wouldn’t dream of finding hidden treasure or making an important archeological discovery. We have collected some stories of real people who did just that…and in their own backyard. Some of these finds are amazing, while others make your skin crawl. A Ferrari In 1978, two kids were digging in the ground in their backyard in Los Angeles and suddenly stumbled upon … Continued

Here Are Some Secrets Your Foot Shape Can Tell About Your Personality

Your feet can say far more about you than you think. Take a look at these illustrations proving that. The Egyptian foot All the toes, from big to little, form a direct line, and each toe is smaller than the previous. Such feet are frequent among secretive people, loners, and those prone to mood swings. The Roman foot The most widespread … Continued

6 Food Habits That Help Japanese Women Stay Slim

Japanese women are considered among the most beautiful and elegant in the world. At 30 they look like they’re 18, at 40 like they’re 25, and they live the longest. We  decided to find out the secrets of Japanese diet and lifestyle, for they prove to be quite useful. A rich and balanced diet It’s a common misconception that the Japanese only eat sushi — their diet is, in fact, … Continued

The 25 Creepiest Places on the Planet

There are some places out there in the world where it’s as if danger and mystery are lurking behind every corner. We’d like to introduce a few of them here. But we warn you: this is not for the faint of heart. But if you’re brave enough, though, read on! Old Jewish Cemetery, Prague, Czech Republic Funerals took place in this cemetery over the course of nearly four … Continued

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