Bizarre customs from around the world

Ash Soup The Yanomami tribe of Brazil and Venezuela takes part in a rather odd burial ritual. Well, odd for us Westerners. When a member of the tribe passes away, their body gets burned, and the ashes and bones are pounded into a powder and mixed into a soup. The people of the tribe then … Continued

Fall Colors In Northeast US Captured From A Bird’s Eye View

Fall is a beautiful time in the Northeastern part of the United States. Having never seen it for myself, I decided to do a roadtrip this fall to capture the spectacular colors of the Northeast with my drone. My roommate and I flew out to the northeast, rented a car, and then drove through every … Continued

Dip into nostalgia with this complete guide to the ’90s (11 Photos)

Before everyone was obsessed with getting followers on social media, we were watching ‘The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ and struggling to keep our Tamagotchi alive. Brittany Spears was still singing ‘Baby One More Time’ and Dunkaroos were the snack of choice. Sunglass Warehouse is taking you back to when times were simple and showing you … Continued

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