Classic Fairy Tales that are actually kind of disturbing

Little Red Riding Hood Early versions of what is one of the most classic fairy tales ever have some pretty sketch shit going on. One version has he wolf chopping up the grandma and tricking the little girl into eating her remains. Other versions of this story talk about the girl being eaten by the … Continued

This is the real-life steampunk amusement park we’ve all been waiting for

This mechanical theme park and artistic project located in France is full of all sorts of wacky and wonderful constructs that you need to check out. Steam what, you ask? Steampunk is a sci-fi sub-genre which takes inspiration from the nineteenth-century industrial era. The genre usually falls under a Victorian England category, or an American wild … Continued

Don’t miss the closest full moon of the century

Here’s how to see tonight’s supermoon. The most spectacular supermoon will light up the sky on Monday night, when the moon will come closer to Earth than it has done for almost 70 years. The supermoon will appear 14% bigger and 30% brighter than an average full moon, and as it’s not due to happen … Continued

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