20 Incredible Photo Restorations That Will Totally Blow Your Mind

Sometimes a photo can be the last physical link between two people, but with time it can be lost forever due to spillages, tears, and other threats. This is where restoration experts come into play, and few are as good as the Ukrainian Tetyana Dyachenko. Using her exceptional Photoshop skills, Dyachenko recovers extremely fine details … Continued

28 people who were surprised by their doppelgangers

How would you feel if you randomly ran into someone who looked exactly like you? Take a selfie, run for your life, question humanity? As you’ll see with these doppelgangers, your identical twins are out there, you just have to know where to look.

15 Biting Illustrations That Uncover All the Ills of the World

Tomer Hanuka and Asaf Hanuka are twin Israeli illustrators who are famous for their extraordinary paintings. Bright and highly philosophical, their works accurately present the authors’ vision of the modern world. We here at Bright Side are deeply impressed with the artists’ talent and creativity. We guarantee that these pictures will make you think about your life a little differently. … Continued

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