20 Of The Most Weird People’s habits

We’ve all got that one thing we do on our own when nobody is paying attention. A few people decided to reveal theirs online. Who knows, maybe you aren’t the only one? source

French Farmers Pose For Hot 2017 Calendar

Remember the smoking hot fireman calendar by French fashion photographer Fred Goudon? Well, now he’s back with an even hotter calendar featuring a bunch of semi-naked French farmers posing with livestock. Because why not, right? OK, so working on a farm with barely any clothes on probably isn’t the best idea from a health and … Continued

Old stars mashed up with their young characters (18 Photos)

Ever wondered what stars would look like if they were to revisit some of their most iconic roles? The team over at DesignCrowd had a callout for celeb mashups, and they couldn’t have turned out any better. I apologize in advance for making you feel old, some of these movies are over 25 years old. … Continued

People Stand in Line for Months in Order to Get a Seat on One of These Incredible Trains

Getting the chance to take a trip on these trains isn’t easy. The tickets cost an enormous amount of money compared to ordinary transport, but it makes sense when you realize they offer you the chance for a once-in-a-lifetime trip. But this is only one of the difficulties you’ll encounter here. Some of these trains only make one trip a year, and adventure-lovers have to wait long months … Continued

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