We’re all aware that the world of high-end fashion certainly isn’t representative of everyday life. High billboards and glossy magazine covers of flawlessly Photoshopped models barely little (if any) resemblance to the average individual in the street. It’s an industry built on luxury and beauty, one that caters to the narcissistic side of our personality … Continued

F1 to F12: Time-Saving Function Key Shortcuts Everyone Should Know

The function keys — F1 through F12, located on the top row of a computer keyboard — are not there to gather dust. They fulfill different functions, and some of them are really useful. Discover the many uses of these keys which will allow you to take advantage of the possibilities offered by the keyboard. source

The most awesome human achievements of 2016

2016 was a big year for human achievements. From medicine and technology to adventure, we as humans keep pushing ourselves to be better and better. Below are some of the most awesome achievements of 2016 when it comes to thrill seeking and adventure. In April of this year, Martin Frey became the first person to … Continued

What Your Face Says About Your Health

According to traditional Eastern medicine, our face perfectly reflects our health and lifestyle. We thought it would be useful for all of us to find out if there is something our face is trying to say, or maybe there are habits that we should change. Anyways, it’s good to know what’s happening inside of you and what signals your body is trying to send. 1. Thin and gaunt face You … Continued

Avoid These Mistakes If You Want to Have Skin Like a Baby

People tend to associate good looks with outer beauty: young-looking skin and a nice body. But we believe that it should also be related to good health, vitality, and lifestyle. We want you to always feel young inside and out, and that’s why we decided to share these common mistakes one should avoid in order to live a long and happy life. 1. Not getting enough sleep … Continued

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