20 Genius Pieces of Street Art That Make the World a Funnier Place

It’s amazing how much little details, like an original piece of writing on a wall or a tiny piece of graffiti on the curb, can add vitality to the look of an ordinary street. In fact, modern street art has the ability to turn every wall, fence or column into an amazing art installation. We have put together a collection of some of the best examples of what some call modern ’’vandalism’’, but what we call … Continued

Test: Discover How People See You and Who You Are in Reality

Today we invites you to take this simple yet very accurate psychological test that will reveal some interesting facts about you. It works best when you follow the instructions without cheating. So are you ready? Instructions: Take a sheet of paper and a pencil. Write down 3 animal names in the following order: Your favorite animal. An animal you’d prefer to have as a pet. Your second favorite … Continued

This Girl Spent a Year Buying Only Absolute Necessities — Here’s How Much She Saved

Michelle McGagh worked as a financial journalist for 10 years, but she had difficulty planning her own budget. She thought it unfair to tell others how to save money and yet spend it on useless trifles herself. That’s why she decided to carry out an experiment and buy only the absolute necessities for a full year. She made do with little: she wore clothes she already had … Continued

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