Top 25 Engagement Photos Of The Year

Photographers from 35 different countries submitted their most incredible engagement photos from the last year to be featured in Junebug Wedding’s 2016 Best of the Best Engagement Photography Collection. Take a look at the top 25.

12 Reasons Why I Love Him

Love is an amazing thing – it makes us happier, changes us and definitely makes our boring lives much more interesting. We are lucky to have that special man who puts up with us and for some reason seems to really care. There are so many reasons to love him. The way he smiles. The way … Continued

I Explore The Idea Of Love And Its Meaning Nowadays

I looked towards deeper connection between two people for much of my inspiration. Does it bring us closer or does it move us away? And why can we get so close yet still feel so far from each other? Seems like our grip on reality is shifting. Love, desire, sexual pleasure, pain and sadness inherent … Continued

What If Guys Acted Like Girls On Instagram?

Some of you may remember a post we did about guys acting like women on Instagram. The hilarious account – called Bros Being Basic – parodies the poses often adopted by the opposite sex when modeling for their own social media-bound photographs. Well, for those of you who missed it the first time around, take … Continued

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