Nearly 10 Comics About Periods That Are Too Real

Women, that one is for you! 1. When you don’t see it coming. 2. And someone tells you to calm down. 3. Crying at things on TV becomes 100% worse. 4. Feeling misled by sex ed. 5. The feeling of being kicked in the vag when you’re already down. 6. The sheer exhaustion. 7. Desperate … Continued

Russian Stylist Wants To Prove That Every Woman Is A Queen

Latvia-based Russian artist and image-designer Konstantin Bogomolov wants to make you over. After moving to Riga from St. Petersburg, Bogomolov opened the Bogomolov Image School that literally changes people–or at least what they look like. These before and after pics are just the latest examples of Bogomolov’s craft: using “his knowledge of psychology,” “he creates … Continued

Women Dressed In Shadows Of Nature

Madrid-based Spanish photographer Emilio Jiménez creates stunning visual compositions with his camera. Bananas really love his series “Natural Wild Anatomy” (Anatomía natural, salvaje), where he centers around the nude female body and shadows of nature. With his incredibly artistic eye, Emilio plays with light and shadow, looking for the perfect angle to cover women in … Continued

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