Why Do Girls Like Sunglasses So Much?

There’s   summer outside. Heat and hot girls are also there. And there’s one thing that will help to observe both of them. Yeah, there is  a sunglasses. And well, why do girls like ’em? Maybe they also like to observe?

Nothing But Girls Near The Pool

Are you at work right now? Or somewhere else, there’s no matter. Everywhere you are, you can take a deep breath and spend only 1 minute watching girls near the pool. It really helps to stay  alive.

Artist Illustrates Daily Struggles Of A Modern Girl

Have you ever wondered, what is like to be a girl in this modern world? Think no more as this illustrator lets us see exactly how it is. Hannah Hillam is a 27-year-old San Francisco-based artist who captures her days in short funny comics. She started drawing one comic a day at the beginning of … Continued

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