This Plus-Size Model Was Inspiring. But Then She Lost 100 Pounds…

Plus-size model Adriana Lettieri was an inspiration to curvy women everywhere, proving with each magazine cover she graced that all body types are beautiful. Now, after several healthy lifestyle changes, she’s had a stunning physical transformation. One hundred pounds thinner, Adriana’s hitting the runway in the best shape of her life, which is… also inspiring? … Continued

Young Hollywood Ladies Dressed In Chanel

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel would have celebrated her 132nd birthday this year. Still her legacy lives on and rarely does a red-carpet event occur without a starlet choosing a design that bares her name, though the label is now designed byKarl Lagerfeld, of course.Chanel’s signature motifs – monochrome, tweeds, costume pearls, jersey stripes and quilted handbags … Continued

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