10+ Weird Boners

Without any introduction, Ladies and Gentlemens, the boners: 1. The job interview boner:   2. Boner on a delivery: 3. The Jesus boner: 7. The singing boner: 4. The classroom boner: 8. The lunchroom boner: 9. The weightlifting boner: 5. The surprise Viagra boner: 5. The boner at work: 6. The waterslide boner: 12. The family dinner boner: … Continued

This 5-Year-Old In Makeup Looks Exactly Like Drake

Guys, we need to talk about this 5-year-old boy named Dylan, who transformed into Drake with only makeup because it is too real. It starts off so sweet: Just a young boy with his whole life ahead of him, nothing to see here!!! But then it goes… HE HAS BEEN REPLACED BY AN ADULT MAN WHO … Continued

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