This poor but very resourceful student gave his girlfriend a beautiful ring that didn’t cost him a cent

Many of us know that feeling of wanting to treat our loved ones to an expensive gift…and then finding nothing but lint in our wallets. Recently, one student from China found himself in precisely this situation. His girlfriend asked for a ring with an expensive stone. And this resourceful guy made one for her...out of a beer bottle.

 We were amazed by his inventiveness. Take a look for yourself at how he found the solution to his problems and proved that you don’t need to spend lots of money to offer a valuable gift.

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After he had worked on it, the stone looked no different from the kind of valuable gem you normally have to spend a lot of money on. Behold the results of capable hands and a resourceful mind:


All he had to do next was place it in a box, and it was ready. It looks like it came straight from a jewelry shop!



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