Pug and cat live the life traveling 900 miles with their dads


Bandito the pug and Luigi the cat obviously have never heard of stereotypes, because they’re best friends.


Ever since they met, “They just clicked,” according to their dad Finn Paus. “Together they eat, sleep, fight, snore, dart and chase each other around constantly, every day!”


It’s not THAT uncommon for dogs and cats to be friends, but how about long-distance travel buddies? When Paus’s parents passed away he and his partner Seb Smetham needed an escape. They planned a camping trip with their fur babies and ended up traveling over 400 miles in 46 days.4

“The walk across Spain [yes, they walked across Spain] was a life changer for us,” Paus said. “After the walk we never went home. We bought an old builder’s van and found a new place to live!”


Now it’s the vagabond life for all four of them. In total they’ve hiked over 900 miles.


Pugs and cats aren’t known for being very active, but hiking is a breeze when you’ve got a sweet set of wheels, am I right?


When those aren’t around, the backpacks of their dads will do.


It’s easy to see how great of a life they have when you look at what they’ve done.


The duo even has a a children’s book coming out about them, because how do the merry adventures of pug and cat NOT sound like a great story for kids?



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