Creepy Makeup Art By Sarah Mudle That Will Make Your Skin Crawl (15+ Pics)

Ready for Halloween? Sarah Mudle certainly is. Take a look at her awesomely creepy makeup art to see what we mean. Be warned though – it might just give you nightmares!

The 33-year-old makeup artist/model/actress from Gold Coast, Australia clearly has an eye for the grotesque. Using her face as a canvas for her weird, wonderful, and often terrifying creations, Mudle applies her professional skills to scare and surprise the unsuspecting viewer.

“My inspiration for make up was to have a creative outlet,” Sarah told Bored Panda. “Makeup play honestly keeps me sane. I get to recreate the weird ideas I get.” Whether she’s removing her own head, unzipping her face straight down the middle, or even turning herself into a purple version of the Predator, she certainly knows how to freak us out with her macabre makeup masterpieces. Mudle also has a calendar for sale, available on her Facebook page, so now you can be terrified all year round!

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