20 Perfect Internet Reactions to the New Pokemon Trailer

Last week we saw a gigantic leak for Pokemon Sun and Moon that basically revealed the whole Pokedex. You’d figure that this would mean the effect of Nintendo’s slow information dripfeed would be muted, but if anything, people seem even more excited than before. This time around, after floating around the internet for months, the final evolutions of Sun/Moon’s new starters made their debut in actual game footage. Say hello to Decidueye, Incineroar and Primarina.

The trailer also showed us something we hadn’t seen before — the presence of Red and Blue, the trainer and rival from the original games. We also got an official look at more Pokemon, including Persian’s Alola Form, who looks like Garfield and Nermal and a brick combined into one stupid, stupid cat.

As ever, the internet felt the need to weigh in on these developments.

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